Taft Dance

The Taft Dance had a great long run since September of 2004, over 8 and a half years, but we had our last Taft Dance on May 17th, 2013. The turn-out was great and we thank you so much for seeing it out in style!!
Ecclesia and Taft St. Coffee have been absolutely great to us and we so appreciate our long association. We hope many of you had good times there and will have fond memories. We'll miss you but we still hope to see you often at Té House of Tea for our weekly, Saturday, Demitasse dance as well as the many other great dancing opportunities to be found in Houston these days.
-Second Cup Swing . savour the dance

The Last... Taft Dance is on Friday, May 17th, 2013
7:30pm . lesson
8:30pm till Midnight . dance

. . . . .
at Taft Street Coffee (visit them)
2115 Taft - Houston 77006 (map)
. East of Montrose Blvd., between W.Grey/Welch & Drew/Fairview

$4.00 cover

• each 3rd Friday of the month (w/rare exceptions)
• great beverages & snacks in the coffeehouse
• lovely friendly Houston dancers!
• warm-up lesson included
• fantastic Houston D.J.s!

The music is DJ's choice but will tend to begin more traditional... and get groovier as the night goes on :)

The top 10 reasons to attend this month's Second Cup Swing Dance

Reason #10 - The floor at Taft Street Coffee is GREAT for dancing!

Reason #9 - Our fabulous DJs spin awesome tracks -- some of which you may never have thought of as swing-dance songs. :)

Reason #8 - You never know who you're going to meet. We've already had one marriage proposal take place there, between two people who met at a dance!

Reason #7 - Dance with and watch some of Houston's great dancers, who come out every month.

Reason #6 - If you're just learning, the Second Cup Swing Dance is a wonderful, easy place to learn how to dance -- and the people who come out are friendly and will be happy to dance with you! :D

Reason #5 - The folks at Taft have Wi-fi and the best Free Trade Coffee in Town!

Reason #4 - If you need a breather during the night, you can step into the coffee house to sag on the sofa and chat with a neighbor till you catch your breath.

Reason #3 - Hank and Meagan's intro lesson is fun! Come out and see what the new metaphor-of-the-month will be. ;)

Reason #2 - It's close to town, and a SUPER cheap thing to do on a Saturday night.

And the number 1 reason to attend this month's Second Cup Swing Dance!! - How cool will it be when your friends and colleagues ask you on Monday what you did over the weekend, and you tell them you learned how to swing dance?!

. . . .
Let us know if you have any ideas (serious oR funny) for our Top Ten!