Swing Dance around Houston

HSDS . Lessons and dancing from the group that for over a decade has been wholly dedicated to keeping Lindy Hop alive in Houston.
RSDS (map) . More good lessons and dances for Rice students and others.
Mobettablog Live Music . Houston Swing Event Info!
Houston Swing Out . More Houston Swing Event Info!
PotatoChips . Houston's Yahoo email group where you can get information about upcoming or last minute swing events. Sign up to find out where we're dancing tonight!
Melody Club (map) . The home of HSDS and host to a whole variety of dance events
King's Dancing Centre (map) . Host to a variety of dance events
SSQQ Dance Studio (map) . Host to a variety of dance events

Big Easy (map) - A Thursday night favorite
Capone's (map) - For Luther, Gulf Coast Organ Trio, and other good nights
Sambuca (map) - For El Orbits, Yvonne Washington, and other good nights downtown
Continental Club (map) - Some good bands come through here
Dan Electro's Guitar Bar (map) - Some good bands also come through here
The Hideaway (map) - Rick Lee is there on Tuesdays but their calendar is terrible so it's hard to tell if they have anything else
Taft Street Coffee (map) - The home of our monthly Taft St. Dance as well as our Monday night Essential Swing Dance Lessons. It's owned by Ecclesia Church and run by very nice people.
Té House of Tea (map) - Home of our Saturday night Demitasse Dances and Connie's ( wonderful tea, food and hospitality!

The Blue Room - We never know when it'll come next but we always look forward to it!
Lindyfest - Only one of the best swing workshop events in the world! ...Coming again March 2011.

The El Orbits - One of our favorite groups to dance too. They don't play too many public gigs currently but they do usually play at Sambuca once or twice a month.
Luther and The Healers" - Great blues and swing dancing that usually plays at The Big Easy on Thursday nights as well as Capone's and other venues around.
The Gulf Coast Organ Trio - One of our newer favorites. Mike, the drummer for Luther, is also with this group who also plays some great blusey dance stuff. They play at Capone's most months and we're on the look-out for some other gigs.

Swing Dance around Greater Texas

Bryan/College Station
Texas Aggie Swing Cats - A fun monthly dance & other stuff!

Austin Swing Syndicate
Four On The Floor
Lindy Project

San Antonio
San Antonio Swing Dance Society

Dallas/Fort Worth
Dallas Swing Dance Society
Fort Worth Swing Dance Syndicate


Fusion Exchange - Fusion ("Imagination in motion") is a great blend of Swing, Blues & Tango.
"Fusion allows elements of technique, movement, & connection to come from many different sources — Our D'ancestors didn't do a dance, they danced!"
Ivy Grey started this event in Houston and now it travels each year to a different city. I went to the Jan '10 edition in San Diego (SDFX) and it was great!!
I believe this next year's exchange, Jan 2011, will be in Boston. You can find more info for next year at & on Facebook at

Friends of the dance

Jose's "Social Justice and Social Dancing" Mobetta blog at

Beatniks is a cool local vintage and dancewear company specializing in swing and tango clothing and shoes (...including fun accessories, vintage and dance clothes, and Aris Allen shoes).
They've opened a shop now at 709 East 11th Street . near Studewood in the beautiful Houston Heights and you'll also find them at local festivals and dance events
For additional information feel free to contact Diana or Maria at, 713-202-7488 or 832-651-8909 and you'll find them under "Heights Beatniks", on Facebook.
. . .
Two other popular places for retro cloths and shoes are the resale shops Vintage Oasis at 1512 Westheimer, and The Way We Wore around the corner at 2602 Waugh Drive.

Our good friend Hailey, who did this website for us, does a really interesting blog on Personal Freedom called Pursuit of Focus.
She says: "I am passionate about living a life of freedom and simplicity. It is my purpose in life to prove that you can, with a little effort, live freely and happily. I help people believe in themselves and get what they desire out of life."
Check it out and sign up for her free "Clearing The Runway" ebook! at!

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