Saturday, October 5, 2013 . 9:00pm-midnightish
... each n' every Saturday... period!
. . . . .
at Té House of Tea (visit them)
1927 Fairview - Houston 77019 (map)
(Fairview at Woodhead)
BYOB: They don't have a license to sell alcohol, but they're completely fine if you bring your own - they have a small corkage fee, and plenty of wine and champagne glasses for your convenience.
Of course, they have good food and good tea (y Fair Trade coffee) to drink too :)

. . . . .
Just a few things to please keep in mind regarding... Demitasse Dance Etiquette:
. Demitasse has gotten very popular and it's great to see all the people having fun there! As a result we can have a very crowded dance floor. Out of consideration for your partner and for others on the floor around you, please understand what it is to dance with frame so that not only is your dancing more comfortable and more responsive, but you're also less likely to be crashing into your neighbors.
. If you ever do large swing-outs, please do so with care.
. However, I do sometimes say that we dance "Bumper Swing" so do try to maintain good humor on the floor :)
. We usually take one dance at a time with a partner... though that might be stretched a little on occasion. Of course you can always come back later for seconds :)
. Welcome beginners but be gentle... this is not about showing off your moves.
. When dancing be considerate of your partner and dance with their comfort level in mind.
. High-heels are usually not a good idea for swing nor for a crowded dance floor where that heel could really hurt!
. A breath mint is always nice ;)
. Have fun and thank your partner!

. . . . .
NO fee
NO cover
NO charge, so come on out to play and
Be a good customer &/or at least drop a $dollar in the tip jar : )
It's always good!

. . . . .

Let me encourage you, if you might be interested in DJing for us someday, then the first thing you can do is check-out our monthly "Dancers R' DJs" night at Demitasse. You just bring a favorite tune or up to a 5 tune danceable mini-set — on disc, laptop, or iPod that you can play for us to dance to!! :)

We've tried to structure this now to offer you a fuller DJ experience so please note that we'll be asking you about what you've chosen and we'll play 3 to 5 songs of your set depending on time and other factors.
We'll be announcing that it's Your Set and you can stay "in the booth" just like any other DJ. From there you and our host DJ can watch the dancers, see how they respond. Note what seems to work out well and what seems to fall a little flat. You can then use that information to inform your set next time. We hope you'll take this experience, learn from it, and want to explore being a regular DJ once you feel a little more confident.

• You are playing for everyone there, not just yourself, so your considered opinion that it is really something danceable is important.
• The songs you pick should also have a little variety and not be "all real slow" or "all really fast" or all of one genre.
• and if you have an unproven song try to sandwich it between a couple of songs you think are probably winners.

Once your set is over, you can share with our host DJ how you think it went. He/she will be watching with you and may have some tips.
If you think you might be almost ready to DJ for us then let me know and I'll fill you in on what else you can do.
Good luck and Thanks!

What is Demitasse?

  • a smaller (so keep your frame tight), more casual/friendly dance
  • lovely friendly Houston dancers!
  • Great tea and food!
  • A variety of music that we're calling "Groovy Swing"!
    ~ swing.funk.swango.soul.swingin'rock.blues.cha-ching ...fusion
    It's DJ's choice so on a given night there's no telling what you'll hear!
    A little taste of fusion but it's all great, it's all swingable, and it's all dance!
    And if you want to hear something, just ask!!!
  • . . . . .

    If you have any music requests for the Demitasse dance then please
    tell us the Song Name, Artist, and/or the Type of music that you would like here - Thanks!

Our favorite things: Swingin' at House of Tea

Nice CultureMap Houston article by our friend Rachel :)

By Rachel Hanley
February 15th, 2010 at 12:00 AM

Dancers pulsing in time to a funky, soulful beat, pots of tea brewing around the room — there's nothing like Saturday night swing dancing at House of Tea. The event is named "Demitasse" after a small cup, and set in a cozy cafe-style tea house in Montrose. It’s a warm atmosphere accentuated by friendly dancers. Snubbing a fellow dancer is a social faux pas. When someone asks you to dance there are no other expectations. Unlike other dance scenes, you don't have to worry about harassment or sharpening your "let him down lightly" skills. They're there to dance, you're there to dance, nothing more.

Demitasse sets itself apart with musical variety. One moment it's a classic swing number, the next, the Bee Gees or Rihanna. The key is finding a partner who loves the genre as much as you do. When you're both in sync and feeling the song, what can I say? It’s magic on the dance floor.

Of course there are times when you're not in sync, you don't feel the music and you get hit in the head mid spin (I'm on the taller side). But dancers are very forgiving, and that’s part of the beauty of the scene. You can dance your best or worst and everyone still accepts you. In a stressful world, it’s nice to have a place where you can be yourself and just have fun.

This is reprinted with Rachel's permission — see original with videos at