Friday Night Blues @ Te

Friday, September 27, 2013 . 9:00pm-midnightish
... each n' every Friday... period!
. . . . .
at Té House of Tea (visit them)
1927 Fairview - Houston 77019 (map)
(Fairview at Woodhead)
BYOB: They don't have a license to sell alcohol, but they're completely fine if you bring your own - they have a small corkage fee, and plenty of wine and champagne glasses for your convenience.
Of course, they have good food and good tea ( Fair Trade coffee) to drink too :)

. . . . .
Just a few things to please keep in mind regarding... Te Dance Etiquette:
. Te has gotten very popular and it's great to see all the people having fun there! As a result we can have a very crowded dance floor. Out of consideration for your partner and for others on the floor around you, please understand what it is to dance with frame so that not only is your dancing more comfortable and more responsive, but you're also less likely to be crashing into your neighbors.
. Try to maintain good humor on the floor :)
. . . . .
NO fee
NO cover
NO charge, so come on out to play and
Be a good customer &/or at least drop a $dollar in the tip jar : )
It's always good!

Welcome to Second Cup Swing, Houston

"This connected Swing is the most responsive and versatile partner dance you can learn!"

After over 8 1/2 years our last Taft Dance was Friday May 17th. We hope many of you had some good times there and will have fond memories. Please join us at our Demitasse dance continuing each n' every Saturday... period!

The next special "Dancers R' DJs" night will be Saturday July 20th. Look forward to that to bring a favorite tune or up to a 3 or 5 tune danceable mini-set — on disc, laptop, iPod or flash drive that you can play for us to dance to!! :)
This is a fun evening and it's the first thing you should do if you're interested in DJing for us sometime!
See more information about how it works here.

Our Monday evening Essential Swing Dance Classes & Prácticas are on a hiatus... Come to the Dances!!

Be sure and take a look at the Events page (under "...ALSO") for more info on other great stuff going on... from dancing, to classes, to plays (see "Oscar In The Box!" just below) and other special happenings.
There's also a Lost & Found page there that you might look at.

Also, please check out our Live Dance Feed... just below. We hope that it might allow you to peek in sometimes and also make it easier for new dancers to come by because they'll have a better idea of what to expect. (Also, I could use some help troubleshooting it at Demi. Works well at Taft, having trouble transmitting at Té.)

Hope to see you out dancing soon!!
~ savour the dance ~

. current highlights .

Live Dance Feed...

This is still in the testing phase but our intention is to broadcast live streams of our Demitasse and Taft Dances here.
Of course they'll only be available during the dance times unless we're just doing some tests. We may also try out broadcasting some of our Monday Night Lessons and Prácticas too.

The idea is that perhaps you'll be busy and just want to peek in on us... or perhaps you've told a friend about our swing dancing and they want to peek in before coming down. Hopefully we'll represent ourselves well ;)

It worked pretty well last month from Taft but I'm having trouble getting it to broadcast from Té. Perhaps it's a Settings thing with their Wifi but if you know anything about this stuff then maybe you can help us out. We'd really appreciate it!

— Please stay tuned :)

Broadcasting Live with Ustream

Maybe we can put comments (nice comments) under Chat here: